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I'm Eric, Account Manager in a Software Company. 
New Tech is my passion ! You can discover it here on my blog.


Connected objects is the main part of new technologies. I am a huge fan of it ! Discover it on my blog.


For whom are audiophile, sound & peripheral are a strong part of the High Tech sector. 


Before everything else, I am a strong gamer ! Gaming always has been a passion for me. I wanted to put it as a category to talk about it here.

What YOU will learn

Connected Objects

Everything you need to know concerning IOT is here ! Written by a passionate of the sector, everything you need to know is packed there.


Because each blog must have a fun part, the gaming category concerns part such as new games but also e sport news.

Sounds & Peripheral

Because this field is constantly changing and evolving,  it is important to write about it there. Here you will learn about how those things are working and what kind of products is the best for you.


Mobile phone is a part of our body. Nowadays, it is impossible to go without it. On Submit Away, I will teach you more about it. You will discover things that you didn’t knew at all.

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