Terms and conditions to Monetize a youtube channel

Terms and conditions to Monetize a youtube channel

YouTube is a great way to make money. Many people are making money by creating YouTube channels and posting videos. YouTube is the largest video search engine and millions of people daily use YouTube for watching their favorite videos.  Making money through YouTube is easy. I will get you through all steps to create a YouTube channel.

Gmail Account:

Everyone knows that Google owns YouTube. You must have Gmail account before stating up. Login to your Gmail account and then open YouTube. Click on Sign-in button.

Create Channel:

You have to click on create a new channel and a new window will open … See below.


There are two options available to create channel. The one is that where you can use your name and a channel will be created after your name.

But if you want to create a channel that is a brand channel you have to choose the second option “ Use a custom name” .

When you hit select under the option of create custom name channel the above sited window will open where you have to write down your channel name. So, it is suitable that you have already decided the channel name.

Now hit “ Get started button. Now your channel is ready to run. Now , you will be asked to put your cell number for verification purpose. You will receive a text message or a voice call for verification. After this step your channel will almost be ready to fly.

Verify you Phone Number

If you want to be successful on YouTube you should create engaging content. Create original content videos. Longer videos are more engaging and have more success rate on YouTube.

Monetization Conditions:

You have created your YouTube channel successfully, now you need to create videos for your channel and upload it.

Verify you Phone Number

 How you can monetize your channel?

4000 (hours) watch time

And 1000 subscriber

After completing the above task, you will be eligible for monetization.

Follow the Youtubes rules.